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Title: Membership Virtual Dressing Room
Authors: CHOI, SIO KEONG (蔡兆強)
Department: Department of Computer and Information Science
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: CHOI, S. K. (2016). Membership Virtual Dressing Room (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from University of Macau, Outstanding Academic Papers by Students Repository.
Abstract: Motivation: Time, a priceless thing in this world. Everyone is trying to save their time as much as possible. By the development of technology, nowadays, we can use a lot of electronic devices to help us handle with our daily life, such as e-banking, elibrary even with e-living. Clothing, one of the most important daily thing, especially for some girls. Sometime they will spend a whole day to buy their dress, or cloth. If we go to some famous boutiques in Macau, all the dressing rooms of the boutiques are always full, we need to wait a lot of time to queue up for try our clothes, and this is a big problem and waste a lot of time, also when we found some other clothes that we want, we need to queue up again. Furthermore, additional time is lost when taking clothes on and off. Reducing these time and helping people to put on a large collection of clothes is a relevant motivation for this project. Background: A virtual dressing room/machine is not very large, we can save a lot of spaces for the boutique. So a virtual dressing room/machine is a new kind of method to solve the time problem. We just need to stand in front of the machine and then the machine will virtualize the clothes that you want on your body, and follow your movement, the clothes will also follow the move angles and adjust the view, by using this technology we can solve a lot of problem listed, the most important thing is we can save a lot of time. Goal: For the goal of our project, we need to try and build up a virtual dressing room by ourselves, we want to save the time of the user. So our project is a membership system. For every users, they need to create an account of our system. After that the user can use our system, user just need to login and select the clothes that they want, then step in front of our devices, the cloth and the model will show on the screen and user can try their clothes. Major function: For our project, we want to build a virtual dressing room that mean we will generate the selected clothes for the user, and put it on with the user 3d body model. The major function is user just need to stand in front of the machine, and select some clothes that he/she wants. Then our machine will generate a very real 3d model of the user with the selected cloth and the cloth also have realistic physical performance. Major work distribution: In the project, we are in a group of three, so we need to distribute the work to all member, for: Choi Sio Keong (Nelson) DB228278: cloth design/draw, model building. Wong Chon Teng (Dennis) DB228163: Capture of head and hair style of the user, skeleton and model connection. Mok Ka Wai (Sam) DB227850: Cloth simulation, Kinect and model connection. In this report, we record down how a virtual dressing room be done by using Kinect (a motion sensing input devices develop by Microsoft) and the result is quite nice and acceptable.
Instructor: Dr. ZHANG, LIMING
Programme: Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
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