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Title: Lattice Boltzmann Simulations on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Solar PVT Receiver
Authors: SOU, WAI HONG (蘇偉鴻)
Department: Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: SOU, W. H. & CHANG, C. F. (2017). Lattice Boltzmann Simulations on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Solar PVT Receiver (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from University of Macau, Outstanding Academic Papers by Students Repository.
Abstract: The object of the present study is to improve the efficiency of the heat dissipation performance for the hybrid photovoltaic thermal concentrator(CPV-T)receiver, reduce the CPV-T from high thermal stresses. We design threecases and each case has three situations are selected based on conjugate heat transfer and fluid flow solved by the Lattice Boltzmann Method. Total twenty-sevenkind of CPV-Treceivers have been designed to improve the efficiency of a concentrated solar photovoltaic system. The different heat dissipation designs are simulated to reveal the effects on temperature distributions. The temperature distributionsand bottom PV platetemperature have been obtained.The results show that the designs which cooling down the CPV-T receiver at moreand stable case will have better heat dissipation performance and it is the best one of those designs.
Programme: BSc. in Electromechanical Engineering
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