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Title: Development of an Intelligent Rotational Wayfinding Sign for Smart City
Authors: KUAN, MENG WAI (關明偉)
LEI, CHON IN (李俊賢)
Department: Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: KUAN, M. W. & LEI, C. I. (2017). Development of an Intelligent Rotational Wayfinding Sign for Smart City (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from University of Macau, Outstanding Academic Papers by Students Repository.
Abstract: For travelers who choose walking as traveling method, finding a destination becomes one of the problems that needs to be addressed in the tour. In this industrial project, the design prototype utilizes the raspberry pi and its extension boards and computer program to a smart road sign. Specifically, the program instructions in the electronic display can send the pulse signal to the control board to turn the road sign in a correct direction and to display the destination and distance by the LED matrix to resolve the problem of the orientation and navigation.
Programme: BSc. in Electromechanical Engineering
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