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Title: Rise of BIM methodology in MACAU – case study of model creation
Authors: CHAN, KENG SHING(陳鏡承)
UN, IN WENG(阮彥穎)
Department: Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Chan, K. S., Un, I. W. (2021). Rise of BIM methodology in MACAU – case study of model creation (OAPS)). Retrieved from University of Macau, Outstanding Academic Papers by Students Repository.
Abstract: The term Building Information Modelling (BIM) rises in popularity in the recent decades in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry across the globe. BIM is both a technology and a methodology. It introduces remarkable changes in project management apart from the regular traditional technologies, enhancing quality, productivity, and especially saving time and cost. The usage of BIM in engineering projects keeps increasing in many countries. In Macau, the Chief Executive gave fresh impetus to BIM adoption in the Macau AEC industry. The government is investing large number of resources in developing BIM technology and its related aspects. As there are just a few engineering projects in Macau that are currently implementing with BIM technology, it is necessary to analyse how BIM would bring a positive impact in the field of engineering in Macau by taking cues from other countries. This paper explores the dominances of BIM methodology in project management. A case study of model creation was carried out mainly using the software Revit. A 3D modelling of a building was modelled based on using the prepared traditional 2D CAD drawings.
Course: Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Instructor: Dr. Seng Kin LAO
Programme: Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Appears in Collections:FST OAPS 2021

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