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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-10The variations of soil mechanical and hydrological properties induced by different types of grassesIAO, PUI LAM; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Faculty of Science and Technology
2015The Way of Independence: An analysis of Chinese TV presenter Chai Jing and her independent voice for news reporting in ChinaZENG, WEN YU (曾文妤); Department of Communication; Faculty of Social Sciences
2018WIRELESS INDUCTIVE POWER TRANSFER SYSTEM FOR BATTERY CHARGINGLEI, KA WENG (李嘉榮); Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Faculty of Science and Technology
2014丁一中《鼓浪嶼》賞析NGAN, SIO TENG (顏小婷); Faculty of Education
2015人格權及權利對人格的保障WONG, CHON HOU (黃俊澔); Faculty of Law
2014元稹《酬樂天歎窮愁見寄》賞析WONG, WENG U (黃詠愉); Faculty of Education
2014劉學箕《漁家傲》賞析IEONG, WENG WENG (楊穎穎); Faculty of Education
2014功能決定形式-探討港澳地區詩型公示語英譯CHEN, XI (陳曦); Department of English; Faculty of Arts and Humanities
2016《呂氏春秋‧ 仲春紀第二之〈仲春紀〉》賞析WU, YUZHEN (吳玉珍); KOU, CHENG I (高靜儀); IAO, HIO PAN (邱曉檳); Chinese Education; Faculty of Education
2016呂氏春秋思想論述─《孟夏紀‧勸學篇》研究SI, SON MENG (施純銘); Department of Economics; Faculty of Social Sciences
2017安樂死非犯罪化路徑選擇DU, XIAOYUE (杜小悅); Faculty of Law
2014張籍《江頭》論析WONG, WENG I (王穎怡); Faculty of Education
2015揚無咎 《水調歌頭‧次向薌林韻》賞析LAU, KA YAN (劉嘉欣); CHAN, SI WAN (陳詩韻); Faculty of Education
2015景元啟《雙調殿前歡》賞析LEONG, WAN TENG (梁韻婷); NG, HIO PENG (吳曉萍); 景元啟《雙調殿前歡》賞析
2014李嶠《送駱奉禮從軍》賞析LUO, ANNA (羅安娜); SHI, WANQING (施婉清); Faculty of Education
2015李端《雜曲歌辭‧千里思》賞析LAM, WAI SAN (林慧珊); NG, HIO I (吳曉怡); Faculty of Education
2014李群玉《石頭城》賞析CHAN, KA KEI (陳嘉琦); LEI, MEI KEI (李美琪); Faculty of Education
2014李處全《浣溪沙》賞析LEONG, KEI KEI (梁琪琪); Faculty of Education
2016杜安世《兩同心•巍劍外》ZHANG, XIAO RONG (張曉榕); WU, YANG (吳漾); Chinese Education; Faculty of Education
2015杜荀鶴《登天台寺》賞析LI, XIAO XIN (李曉欣); CHOI, PUI WA (徐佩華); LAM, WAI IAN (林惠茵); Faculty of Education